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“Think globally, act locally!”

Diantis System House is a Broadcast/OTT System Integrator and Distribution Company with a Headquarters in Canada and is operating in South and Central America, USA, Canada and in Eastern, Central & Southeastern Europe, Transcaucasia and Central Asia since 2002, offering broadcast systems project design, system integration and installation services, as well as export and distribution of Broadcast, OTT, IT, Telecommunications and Cinematographic systems and equipment from various Canadian, US, European, Asian and Australian manufacturers.

We are specializing in the System Integration and Distribution
of Broadcast/OTT Systems, Software Solutions & Equipment from the following Manufacturers:


 Audio Video Metals http://www.audiovideometals.com/
(High quality metal racks and rack equipment for the audio and video production and distribution industry)



AVP Mfg. & Supply Inc. http://www.jackfields.com/
(Manufacturer of commercial broadcast, telecom, and satellite equipment, including the design and manufacturing of audio, video, and digital jackfields, connectors, wire and cable assemblies, as well as customized jackfield and panel solutions for broadcast, telecom and satellite customers.)



Blackmagic Design https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/ca
(Professional Cameras, DaVinci Resolve and Fusion Software, ATEM Live Production Switchers, Ultimatte Chroma Keyer, Duplication, Disk Recorders and Storage, Capture and Playback, Cintel Scanner, Standards Conversion, Broadcast Converters, Video and Audio Monitoring, Test Equipment, MultiViewers, Routing and Distribution)



Caton Technology http://www.catontechnology.com/

image012.jpg                   image014.jpg
(Caton is a leading manufacturer of advance video encoding and data transmission over the Internet.  Reliable Real-Time Transport Protocol (R2TP) and Fast Files Transfer Protocol (F2TP) technologies enable secure, robust and easy-to-use data transmission for the broadcast and enterprise markets even in the harshest of network conditions.)




MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Solutions  http://www.multidyne.com/
(MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Solutions has over 40 years of experience serving the broadcast and video production communities worldwide. MultiDyne leads the industry in pioneering signal conversion and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, surveillance, teleconferencing, and Pro-AV markets across all business verticals.)



Datavideo https://datavideo.com/
(Datavideo is known for affordable end-to-end workflow solutions for broadcast and A/V applications which include up to 150 products such as cameras, switchers, encoders, recorders, intercoms, converters, and other key products needed for live video production.)



Decimator Design https://www.decimator.com/
(Australian company, designing and manufacturing high-quality, cost effective broadcast equipment solutions (openGear cards, mini-converters and multiviewers))



Digital Video Lab http://dv-lab.com/
(Digital Television Headend Equipment (DVB/ASI) and TV Studio Equipment (Video Switchers, Intercom system))



 Elecard: Video Compression Guru https://www.elecard.com/
(Realtime IPTV, OTT and DVB monitor, video quality analysers, live encoder and video converter, components and SDK for multimedia products development.)



Riedel Communications acquired Embrionix https://www.riedel.net/

(Riedel Communications manufactures and distributes innovative real-time networks for video, audio and communications. Its products are used for broadcast, pro-audio, event, sports, theater and security applications worldwide. The company is known for pioneering digital audio matrix systems, as well as SDI and IP-based media networks.).
(Embrionix manufactures compact, high-density IP gateways, signal processors, converters and multiviewers for broadcast video applications (SFP Modules), which are closing the gap between fiber optic, coaxial and emerging IP technology deployments (including SMPTE ST2110, ST2022-6, ST2022-1/2, HDMI, composite video).



Ensemble Designs https://www.ensembledesigns.com/  
(Flexible, frame-based signal processing system for video facilities and Compact Signal Processors and Converters)



Epiphan Video https://www.epiphan.com/
(Everything you need for enterprise live streaming – all in one box. Award-winning AV hardware and cloud services manufacturer, that companies count on for a wide range of applications – from live event production and lecture capture to video training and usability testing.)



Guramex http://guramex.com/
(Broadcast Video Production Switchers for any size of the Video Studios)



IEWC Corporation https://www.iewc.com/
(Premier supplier and manufacturer of electrical wire and cable, connectors, wire management and broadcast and AV products)



(Develops and implements system automation solutions in the media industry, including a one-of-a-kind MAM system, The full-cycle process automation complex for large and medium-sized broadcasters to automate the creation and distribution of media data, including automation of news, sports and studio programs creation. he software suite for operational and permanent storage, registration, gathering, management and movement of audio-visual and related electronic documents.)



Matrix Switch Corporation http://www.matrixswitchcorp.com/
(wide selection of serial digital video, analog composite video, VGA video, analog audio and AES digital audio routers; digital video and audio distribution amplifiers)



Plura Broadcast https://plurainc.com/
(Wide range of high-performance multi-function monitors (up to 84") including 4K and Timing/Synchronization solutions engineered for digital broadcast and professional video production)



SLOMO TV, Inc. https://slomo.tv/en/
(Multi-channel video recording with slow motion instant replay, sports video judging (refereeing) system, gate (goal net) cameras, sports graphics solutions).



 SofLab-NSK http://www.softlab-nsk.com
(Hardware and software for TV Broadcasting & Multimedia, Virtual Reality systems, Imaging systems for simulators and computer games)



Stream Labs https://www.stream-labs.com/
(Hardware and Software for IP broadcast monitoring, multichannel logging, broadcast automation, graphics playout, interactive television support: MultiScreen and MultiRec systems, multichannel capture and playback cards, In\Out CG cards, playout software, production process automation systems, HD/SD-SDI and Composite to IP TS encoders.)



 Utah Scientific http://utahscientific.com/
(Scalable Video & Hybrid SDI/IP Routers from 8x8 to 1152x1152 matrix architecture, Router Control Systems and Panels, Fiber Distribution (SFP Modules), Master Control & Branding, Multiviewers, Sync Generators)



 Videon Labs. https://videonlabs.com/
(Videon Labs has a long history delivering cutting edge video streaming technologies in partnership with companies including Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung. LiveEdgeⓇ is a new model for the industry that allows your Videon streaming workflow to evolve with the industry.)



 Videosolutions Group http://vsgp.com  

On-line store: https://shop.vsgp.com/
(Video switchers, teleprompters, multi-viewers, mobile video studios, converters, monitors, camera tripods, cable reels and cranes)



 Wohler Technologies  https://www.wohler.com/
(Audio Monitoring solutions with a broad range of products that support every format, including IP, as well as a complete range of reliable Video Monitors supporting formats including MPEG2 / MPEG4 and UHD-SDI and SFP Modules)




Media Asset Management: http://www.empressmam.com/Default.aspx


 Our product line of other suppliers:



Our HQ is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For any information and price quotation
please contact us:
Tel. +1 (416) 821-3987
E-Mail: sysint [at] diantis.ca
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